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I am a home schooling father who loves to wonder alongside my kiddos.  Above you will find several illustration prompts - use them to write your own tales or encourage the children you know to begin their own storybooks.  
  • Let me know what you create: CLICK HERE ~    gatheringwonder[at]gmail.com
    • send me an email and include: 1) which prompt(s) you used to create your poem or story or illustration, 2) any info about yourself, 3) if I can post your creation into the slide-show for others to enjoy (you retain sole creative ownership and I will never use your work outside of this site) 
  • To print off the prompts (click "menu" then click on the title link then click "actions" in the bottom left of the new viewer)     color them in, add your own illustrations, write a poem or story ~ create your own I Wonder Chronicles. 
  • Bottom line, have fun!  
COMING SOON: a free download of all the I Wonder Chronicles prompts (CLICK HERE to be notified when it's ready)

If you come back to visit, new chronicles will be added to the top of these selections
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